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Working Man's Face Wash

Price: $14.00


Duke Cannon Supply Co. makes men's grooming products inspired by—field tested by—U.S. armed forces. Specifically, Bravo Company 2-135 of the Minnesota National Guard. As they say:

"While big corporations pay MBAs to conduct months of focus groups, we simply work with our liaisons in Bravo Company 2-135 to inspire new ideas and review any and all new products before they launch. Simply put, if it doesn't meet the high standards of the company, it doesn't happen."

So there. We love the cheeky humor they bring to the job: this scurvy-fighting face wash "smells like productivity," so let's get going.

  • Menthol to energize.
  • Jojoba for outer layer protection.
  • Vitamin C to fight fatigue and scurvy (yes, scurvy—it's a real threat that other products seem to ignore).