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Wasara Paper Wine Cup, 8 pack

Price: $9.50


It was an instant crush when we first found this elegant line of disposable paper tableware, with its curvaceous lines and many special shapes. The crush deepened to love as we learned more about it. It's compostable. It's treeless because it's made from highly sustainable bamboo and bagasse, the by-product of extracting juice from sugar cane. Its organic forms are responsive to the human form ... so it's ergonomic. Its shapes arise from Japanese food culture but are useful, by design, in any food culture anywhere in the world. The texture of the paper is lovely to both eye and hand. Its name is even lovely: Wasara. And with so many shapes—and sizes of shapes—it's hard to resist craving meals that will put them all to use.

Here's a place to start: the Paper Wine Cup. Check out our Pinterest board, where we love to track this singular line of tableware. Itadakimasu.

From Tokyo, Japan.