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Sailboat Pocket Pillow

Price: $124.00


Designed by Stephanie Housley and finished by hand in Brooklyn, Coral & Tusk pillows are a highly personalized, artistic foray into storytelling.  Like whimsical stage plays, Coral & Tusk's embroidered illustrations are imbued with a sense of wonder at the natural world and irreverence for tradition (and vice versa?), blurring the line between décor and interactive play.  Living with the work is like having a favorite book illustration out on view, from a story you make up as you go along.

We can't wait to hear where your cat and his spyglass are headed, with those fine sails and wooden craft.  Did he start from Mackinac Island?  Where to from there?

  • W 16 in x H 16 in.
  • 100% linen with a feather and down insert.