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Playing Cards Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $19.00


Regardless of the season, we ask you: what sort of vacation at the lake goes by without a jigsaw puzzle? Stealing a glance on the way in or out the door, getting snagged to join up a couple pieces—more often getting obsessively sucked in and before you know it an hour has passed. But you want an image you spend that much time with to be interesting. A high-quality image, and sometimes the local drug store just doesn't have the goods. It's Great Lakes Home to the rescue—we've got splendid jigsawed images just waiting to monopolize your down time.

Here's a fun one: multiple face cards rendered in different styles, representing various cultures and nationalities ... a great one for after dinner with everyone gathered 'round, because it'll be on the easier side. 1000 pieces.

  • Finished size H 26.7 in x W 18.8 in.