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Plan Toys Doll Family

Price: $20.00 $12.00


Plan Toys is a company truly devoted to sustainable production practices, with a stated goal of producing minimum to zero waste in their operations. Based in Thailand, they are the first company to manufacture toys from preservative-free rubber wood. Surplus wood bits are used as fuel for the company's biomass gasification power plant, which provides electricity for production. They use non-formaldehyde glue, organic color pigments, and water based dyes. They've got a big story and we'd be happy to share more of it with you.

These are their doll families, all featuring mom, dad, brother and sis. Ready for an adventure on their own, or for meeting up with other families at the Green Doll House.

      ~W 2.4 in x ~H 5.1in x ~D 1.2 in (dad).

  • Recommended for ages 3+.