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Martin Thompson Working Space

Price: $49.95


"Everyone needs somewhere to work, be it conventional or otherwise.  Gone are the constraints of the traditional office.  Today's work space can be a trailer in the English countryside, and industrial warehouse in Brooklyn, a notebook on a bed in Sydney, or a painting studio in a Parisian attic.

"Internationally acclaimed photographer Martyn Thompson introduces us to 24 individual takes on the modern work space—a diverse portfolio of street artists, poets, dancers, designers, queer performance artists, printmakers, painters, and other individuals working in inspired places.  Each of the featured creators have gone against the grain of the conventional office and have created work environments that serve as foundations and reflections of the love for what they do.

"Martyn's own portable 'office' travels the globe from Pondicherry, India, to the suburbs of Baltimore, collecting eclectic, inspiring work environments.  The collection includes: Dinosaur Designs, Helene Nguyen-Ban, Cleveland's, Phyllis & Izzy, Brad Greenwood, Margaret Nolan, Thierry Dreyfus, Capucine Geagea, E.R. Butler, THE GAABS, Annabel Adie, Cindy Sherman, Jeremy Wade, Francesca Raft, Sri Aurobindo, Hazzy Bee, Hill End Press, Patrick Marber, The Spectrum, John Melfi, Nathalie Lete, Harland Miller, Meadham Kirchhoff and Emma Balfour."

  • W 9 in x H 11.25 in.