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It's a pretty simple concept, really. Like the old "idea!" light bulb that's been appearing over cartoon heads since forever (well—and since the light bulb was invented), this little humanoid designed by Eriko Kasahara has two modes: on/off. Lit/not lit. Idea/no idea. Bright/dark. Brings it all down to the basics while favoring neither state of offness and/or on-ness. Squeeze the pleasingly soft, squishy belly and the light turns on. Squeeze again and the light turns off. Why should this be so addictive—? We don't know, we just go with it. In all sorts of situations, stressful and peaceful. Sheds sufficient illumination to be a very effective nightlight, and delivers the most rudimentary block of learning. We love it for the nursery, but really it's for everyone ... you'll see.

From Tokyo, Japan.

  • H 3.7 in x W 2.2 in x D 1.6 in.
  • Includes three LR44 batteries.