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Juniper and Geranium Face Tonic

Price: $22.00


We're pretty careful about our scents and aromas at Great Lakes Home. Nothing overly sweet; nothing perfume-y or overpowering makes the cut for The Bath around here. Likewise with packaging: nothing over-the-top or eager for attention will do. Enter Juniper & Geranium from U.S. Apothecary. On the aroma front, we're talking subtle, bracing, botanical. Those juniper berries, verdant geranium leaves, and hint of mint and pepper tickle the nostrils (rather than attack them), and linger in a come-sit-next-to-me-you-fine-fellow kind of way. Classic dark amber apothecary glass and understated labels mean they'll never try to upstage. Available now in five essential formulations.

An excellent astringent, this is the Face Tonic and is made with witch hazel, geranium water, and essential oil of peppermint. Guys, this is great after a shave.

  • 4 oz.