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Japanese Layered Gauze and Terry Towels

Price: $10.00


The lofty drape of these Japanese bath towels is quite different from what you find with a thick terry cloth towel. Traditional Japanese towels are made from two layers stitched together: a smooth, flat-weave side made of cotton gauze, and a lightweight, looped terry cloth side. The pure, soft cotton is loosely woven, giving these towels a delicate hand feel that belies their powerful absorbency. Dyed a deep, rich black, these uncommon towels look fantastic in a clean white bathroom.

From Imabari, Japan.

  • Bath towel L 51 in x W 25 in.
  • Hand towel L 33.5 in x W 13.5 in.
  • Washcloth L 16 in x W 13.25 in.
  • Machine wash in cold water and mild detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry.