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Huron 22 inch Heirloom Linen Napkin - Pistachio

Price: $18.00


We don't know about you, but we love shopping for antiques whenever and wherever we can.  It's always a special treat to encounter a dealer with a passion for textiles, and to pull out the old linens, experience the hand feel and superior quality of fabric that is so well made it's been handed down for generations.  Our linen napkins are of that same heirloom quality, ready to be loved and cared for and passed on.  No need to keep them hidden away in a drawer and pulled out for special occasions—they're up for a lifetime of meals.  Then ready for more.

The Huron napkin is 100% linen, with a subtle herringbone texture.  Cut at a generous 22 inch square, and available in a scrumptious range of colors.