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Hand Thrown Stoneware Bowl by Tracie Hervy

Price: $42.00


Perfectly imperfect.  It might be the best reason we have for opening Great Lakes Home.  Having long observed the common traits of objects produced by cultures which regard seeming imperfection as a truer approximation of perfection than any other measure, we regard design influences like Japanese wabi, Swedish lagom, and Shaker beautility (our word) as springing from the same set of feelings and sensibilities.  In our conversations with ceramicist Tracie Hervy, never has she referred specifically to any of those cultural traditions, but that would be a case in point.  These ideas are universal; they're everywhere if you look for them.  Pick up a piece of Tracie's work and observe the perfection: the imprecise glaze, pooling deeper over here than over there.  The tiny flicks and flecks in the base material, never appearing twice.  The simple upturn of rim, just enough and no more.  Modern, timeless, a visual feast, available now in four perfect pieces for your table.

From Long Island City, New York.

  • W ~5.75 in x H ~3.25 in.