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Hand Thrown Cylinders by Tracie Hervy

Price: $42.00


These wheel thrown bowls begin with a certain amount of raw material. The same amount from bowl to bowl of red, hazelnut, or white stoneware clay—or white porcelain—is hand formed into thick-walled or thin-walled, tall or short, stocky or more slender versions of each other. No formula, just the same beginnings and it goes from there. Colored glazes are given to some, withheld from others as the numbers build, resulting in a diverse gathering of useful pottery. Useful for soup, useful for salad. Useful for collecting personal stuff that lives on your person during the day. Useful for keeping small stuff that you collect. Useful for ... ice cream!

Choose your preferred material and let us pick one for you or, if you like, call the shop at (312) 526-3412 and we'll get super specific.  We can mix and match, it'll be fun.

From Long Island City, New York.

  • Each bowl D ~5 in.