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Golda Hiba Wood Mist for Dogs

Price: $22.00


Our favorite aroma, specially packaged for dogs. Hiba essential oil is extracted from three-hundred-year-old Hiba trees in Aomori, Japan. Hiba oil contains—is partially composed of—the chemical compound hinokitiol, known to have antimicrobial, germicidal, insect-repelling, and deodorizing properties. Hiba wood essential oil is combined with distilled water to create this handy spray mist for our favorite bathe-only-once-in-a-while family members.

In addition to the action this spray takes against various bacteria (especially antibiotic-resistant bacteria!), and in repelling insects, it'll lift your mood—not least because good old Carl suddenly smells a lot better. Keep it by the mud room door, keep in the car, toss it in the tote that also has the Kong. And the chewy things. And the tug-of-war thing, and the run-go-get-it thing. And hey, if it lifts your mood, it'll probably lift your four-legged friend's too. How about that.

  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.
  • Shake well before each use.