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Framed One Sheet: "The Shining"

Price: $800.00


The Shining is a strange cinematic beast. Its famous one sheet, designed by the famous Saul Bass, proclaims the film to be "A MASTERPIECE OF MODERN HORROR." When it was released that proclamation was anything but assured—it was panned by many critics, including the author of the novel it's based on, Stephen King. Over time its presence has grown in the dark, in the mind of the public, in the memories of its legion of fans, and is now regarded as a genuine masterpiece of horror, modern or otherwise. Its images are indelibly marked upon the popular culture. For the framing it seemed best to honor the discipline that was employed in the poster's design, and refrain from adding anything that would alter its bold simplicity. Chunky wood frame milled to our specs: yellow. Inner edges: yellow. Base mat: yellow. Archival quality throughout.

  • ~W 30 in x ~H 43.75 in x ~D 2 in.
  • Authentic, original one sheet.
  • Great Lakes Home's framing policy is to pass along our cost for framing services, with no additional mark-up.