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Framed One Sheet: "Brazil"

Price: $1,800.00


"Dear Sid Sheinberg,

When are you going to release my film 'BRAZIL'?

Terry Gilliam"

So went the famous letter drafted by Terry Gilliam and run as a full-page ad in Variety.  Gilliam refused to recut the film per studio requests but the film was recut anyway (not by him), resulting in the 94-minute "Love Conquers All" happy-hollywood-ending version. It was the unreleased director's cut of the film which, having gone underground, was nevertheless declared BEST PICTURE (and director, and screenplay) by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association—as you can see at the top of this original one sheet from 1985. With hefty archival framing which befits the weight of the film's achievement, including four nested frames and protective museum glass, this rare object is like no other.

  • ~W 33.25 in x ~H 47.25 in x ~D 2.5 in.
  • Authentic, original one sheet.
  • Great Lakes Home's framing policy is to pass along our cost for framing services, with no additional mark-up.