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Exceptional Treehouses

Price: $42.00


"Treehouses can provide a wondrous place of solitude, inspire and enchant children and adults alike, and even serve as a fully functional home.  Through Exceptional Treehouses, the reader is invited to experience thirty charming arboreal constructions created by Alain Laurens and his architectural firm, La Cabane Perchée.  As in his first book, Treehouse Living, Laurens demonstrates his commitment to sustainable building by constructing treehouses that employ a special binding system to avoid driving any nails into the host tree, achieving a brilliant combination of harmony with nature and cutting-edge architecture.  These fantastic structures vary in scope from a cozy cabin in the trees with just a single bed, to more elaborate homes that include full bathrooms, electricity, and spiral staircases."

"La Cabane Perchée (The Treehouse Aloft) was founded by Alain Laurens in 2000 to create remarkable treehouses and has since become Europe's leading treehouse architecture company.  Under the guidance of designer Daniel Dufour, and master carpenter Ghislain André, the team of La Cabane Perchée has built more than 200 treehouses in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal."

  • ~W 10.25 in x ~H 14 in x ~D 1 in.