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Finn Hot Water Bottle

Price: $62.00


It gets pretty cold here in the Great Lakes. In fact sometimes it's so cold in Chicago that we take to calling it Chiberia. Chicago + Siberia = Chiberia. Pretty cold. But it doesn't have to be sub-zero with wind chill outside to want to cozy up with a jiggly bottle of piping hot water, wrapped up in lambswool knitted in another cold part of the world: Scotland.

Scottish designer Donna Wilson is well known for the whimsical animals and faces which drive and adorn her many creations. She's done it again with these wonderful, warm companions. Put one down around your tootsies when you climb into bed, or fill one up and keep it under your throw in front of the TV. Any time you want to take off the chill, your hot water bottle is on the job ... just as snuggly as you like.

Fish are supposed to be cold, right? Not our pal Finn, in blue or gray.

  • 100% lambswool knitted in Scotland.
  • High-quality German hot water bottle included.
  • ~14 in x ~8.5 in.