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Diane Keaton House

Price: $85.00


"House is Diane Keaton's stunningly rendered portrayal of the way we may and do live now—and here beautifully—in rusticated, re-imagined, or repurposed buildings and spaces across the country.  From Washington State to Texas, California to New York, inventive designers, including Annabelle Selldorf, Roy McMakin, Rick Joy, and Tom Kundig, have brought their talents to bear upon the structurally old, the disused, and the antiquated, finding in these buildings and spaces the hidden beauties and charms that lie just beneath the surface of neglect and decay, and through their work revealing to us the many possibilities we might bring to our own domestic spaces.  Through innovative design and repurposing, former industrial structures and farm buildings, crumbling commercial lofts and rusting hangars are transformed and are here vividly revealed as textured, thoroughly engaging new spaces for living.  House presents a kind of design, graphically striking, frequently marked by strong geometries and primal coloration, that ignites the imagination and stimulates those individuals who are intent upon redefining the possible as it pertains to inhabiting one's space—work that is ultimately life affirming, joyous, and powerfully rooted in our most basic understandings of home."

Author "Diane Keaton is widely known for her work in theater and film, and has won numerous awards and accolades, including an Oscar for her role in Annie Hall and praise for her work as director of Unstrung Heroes.  Author of Rizzoli's California Romantica, she has been recognized for her architectural sensitivity and restorations."

  • ~W 10.25 in x ~H 12.25 in x ~D 1.25 in.