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Collection of 7 Antique "Shoo-Flys"

Price: $250.00


Here's a collection that's only becoming more rare as time marches on.  The Shoo-Fly was used throughout the middle of the last century when folks took the meal outside.  Holiday cookouts, family reunions, picnics, functions al fresco of all sorts put these mesh domes to work against the constant onslaught of hungry Summer bugs.  Why we've  stopped using them is unclear, because bugs.  Bugs haven't gone anywhere!  But Shoo-Flys have beat a retreat.

Here are seven of them in varying sizes.  The smallest of them are our favorites, but they're increasingly hard to find in any size, so these are a great start to your newest collection.

  • Smallest to largest:
  • W 2.7 in x H 1.5 in
  • W 3.25 in x H 2 in
  • W 3.3 in x H 2 in
  • W 5 in x H 2 in
  • W 5 in x H 3 in
  • W 5.5 in x H 2.25 in
  • W 6 in x H 3.75 in