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Chikuno Cube Natural Air Purifier

Price: $29.00


Winner of the Japanese Good Design Award, this amazing cube of clay minerals and ultra-fine activated bamboo charcoal is a wonder to behold. We're not sure how they do it or how it happens, but the cube is composed of tiny hexagonal tubes, like something from a bee hive but much, much smaller. And yet the area of the cube's many porous surfaces is sufficient—in a 1.5 inch cube—to purify the air in a 17 square foot space, like a bathroom, refrigerator, or automobile. Put multiples to work together and they will purify the air in larger rooms, just sitting around looking interesting.

From Kyoto, Japan.

  • Expose to sunlight for six hours after one month of use; the cube will release absorbed contents and be ready for continued use.
  • May stain light-colored surfaces.
  • Keep away from water, avoid high impacts.
  • Replace after one year.