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Axel Vervoordt Wabi Inspirations

Price: $65.00


"Wabi is a Japanese concept that derives from simplicity and authenticity.  It values the beauty in imperfection.  Elegance in natural materials, nobility without sophistication, timelessness within tradition: these are the principles that define Axel Vervoordt's personal take on the concept.  In this book, he reveals his interiors that are inspired by Wabi, showing readers how to create calm, peaceful spaces in which beauty is distilled to its purest form.  Photographs by Laziz Hamani plunge us into the unique atmosphere of these Wabi inspirations."

Author "Axel Vervoordt is one of the world's most acclaimed collectors of art and antiques.  He has taken the art world by storm with his eclectic exhibitions: "Artempo" (2007), "In-Finitum" (2009), "TRA" (2011), and "Tàpies" (2013) at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, and "Academia" (2008) at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.  His discriminating taste for spectacular art is counterbalanced by his quest for simplicity; both are essential components of his philosophy.  Following the international success of his first book with Flammarion, Axel Vervoordt: Timeless Interiors, he leads us on a path toward serenity in this second volume, revealing the Wabi-inspired interiors he and his team of specialists have created in private residences around the world.  A third book, Axel Vervoordt: Living With Light (2013), reveals interiors inspired by the influence of light."

  • ~W 8.75 in x ~H 11 in x ~D 1.25 in.